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DynamischArchief.nl (DNA)

SaaS platform for individual creators and companies






  • Management of data in your own private digital safe*
  • Platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Private archive for companies, ad hoc projects and independent creatives
  • Publication of your own selected work
  • Direct link from archive to own website and other platforms
  • Cross border projects and network membership

Service before you start:

  • Consultation with companies about a step-by-step plan for your tailor-made archive
  • Easy start with 24/7 support and webinars by appointment
  • Group webinars for private users


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OUR OBJECTIVES: Read page DynamischArchief.nl Foundation

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*) private digital safe
Data vaults in which everyone stores their individual data. You can then decide for yourself with whom you share it, and under what conditions. DynamicArchive.nl offers private data vaults that can be used private or shared if appropriate.


visit the performing arts network: scenography.world

The Network Archive for the Performing Arts: Scenography.World 
(empowerd by DynamischArchief.nl foundation)

Network and digital archive for the individual artist and performing arts companies.
DNA foundation was foundet at the request of the Stichting Theater in Nederland in 2019.
(TiN.nl, formerly the Theater Institute, liquidated in 2013)* 

The DNA Archive and Network is an international platform for knowledge exchange supported by the data sharing feature using the 'Project Platform'.

The physical and digitized Dutch Theater collections are maintained by the Allard Pierson collection.
The Dutch theater collection has remained the property of the TiN Foundation.


The DNA Blueprint

The DNA blueprint is developed by ArchiveTech.net and by UniqueCollection.org for the Latinamerican region.
All applications developed and maintained by ArchiveTech are built with the CrossmarX application platform.