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Since 2019, registered members uploaded their event-related works, documents, catalogs and artworks.
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Who's who

Members of the Dynamic Archive have access to their own private digital safe.
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 or visit the people database where you will find more than 160.000 people that participated in events since 1865.



Legacies of artists

Artists and designers can maintain their own archive in their private digital safe.
The Dynamic Archive also offers access to the archive to heirs.

Some examples of already archived works maintained by heirs are: Graphic designer Anton Beeke, Sculptor Jos Wong, Painter Herman Gordijn, Sculptor Ben Guntenaar and Architect & Industrial Jaap Penraat


ways of use

 Connecting themes, ideas, subjects or goals with other participants can be established by using the modules: Project, Event, Storytelling and Network.

Work and events from different periods, produced by different creatives, based on shared goals, principles or ideas, result in a theme or subject-based network archive. The serie of events that were, or are, part of the subject, objective, or other, form the key for the event participants to upload data related to their events, collection, library and other.
In this way, the events and the connected participants, generate a public collection of the events or subjects related data.


Who is using it?

Dynamic Archive uses the blueprint developed by CulturalHeritage.cc and Archivetech.net since 2000. Several Collection Management Systems and Library Systems have been created over the years for a variety of users.  

Museums, libraries and private collectors are among the users of the Archivetech blueprint and applications.
The blueprint makes it possible to deliver applications based on user group permissions or a blueprint copy including its own database.

Some examples
Biblioteca Corteidh & Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos
The Spanish version of the collection management system: Unique Collection 
Collection management and Library: Sculpture Institute
Copy made for the Agora Mariupol project: AgoraMariupol.org

More about our history and features, visit: CulturalHeritage.cc & ArchiveTech.net 
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