Theater in the Netherlands (TIN) Foundation actively raised grants for the development and maintenance of the digital archive.
At the request of TiN Foundation, the Dynamic Archive Foundation (DNA) is established as the legal owner and manager of the DNA database.


The original program on which the platform is developed is the Collection Management System built by Stichting in collaboration with its users.
This collaboration has led to an efficient, user-friendly and flexible program for museums and collectors.
For funding for this project started in 2000 see page 'resources' on


DNA offers a flexible membership contribution.
Organizations that use the archive contribute in proportion to their size.
Individual users can participate based on their usage or financial capabilities
See our page on PRICING sponsors network and storage costs of the application. guarantees retention of data: after a minimum of one year the participant can receive all data, including a Stand-alone version of the application. Invested labor from data entry and its preservation is thus guaranteed.

Pictoright Fund

The Pictoright Fund sees the importance of this project in which cultural heritage is protected, recorded and made available to interested parties. The fund made a first contribution to the development of this digital archive.