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Floris Guntenaar
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Industrial Design at Rietveld Academy (1966).

Giant Humming Top in the Rijksmuseum collection

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Working as a set and costume designer, graphic designer and exhibition designer. Set and/or costumes for performances by Toneelgroep Centrum, Scapino, De Nederlandse Opera, Toneelgroep Amsterdam and various other Dutch theatre companies.
Set- and costume designs for Dutch television, the opera of Timisoara, the Aspen Music Festival (USA)

With Peter Schat, Rob van de Poel and Stephan Willendborg, co-founder and designer of the travelling open-air stage the Amsterdams Electrisch Circus.
Initiator and founder of CINEKID Film and Television Festival and founder of the

Exhibition design
Designer of various exhibitions such as Berlin - Amsterdam,  Das Akt Photo, 'Art and Kitsch', Käthe Kollwitz, 'That's Jazz'; the Sound of the 20th Century. (Darmstadt, Germany), concept for a Science Water Park in Toyama (Japan) i.a.

Itinerant exhibitions
The World of Anne Frank,
French Children of the Holocaust,
Beyond the Pale

Work in archives and collections
Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis, Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Het Nieuwe Instituut, het EYE instituut, RIJKSMUSEUM Amsterdam, de Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE), de Allard Pierson theater collectie.
Private collections.

AKI Enschede, Minerva Groningen, HS Utrecht, Rietveld Academie
Trainer for trainees museum software (2002-2014)

Read the Activity Report 2000-2010

Africom Naïrobi
National Museum of Kenya
Museum Association Namibia
Robben Island Training Program
West African Museums program
UNESCO Maputo, Mozambique
Botswana National Gallery
Russian Museum Association, Tula
Russian Museum Association, Moscou
Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos, Costa Rica
Theater acoustics
-Savonlinna opera festival, Finland (1986)
-Ferienkurse, Darmstadt (1984)

Documenting intangible heritage
-ICOM Conference, Seoul (2004)
-AFRICOM Conference, Cape Town (2006)
-Art in its context, Codart, Museum Boijmans (2010)
-Combat againts illicit traffic, Museums and the Web, Baltimore, USA (2014)
Advisory reports
-Theater acoustics, van Dorsser (1986). Assigned by NV Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
-UNESCO, Guidelines for a travelling theatre, Kenya (1985)
-Survey report on museum Collection Management Systems (2017)
-Circulating Artefacts: a cross-platform alliance against the looting of pharaonic antiquities, British Museum (2018)

Founder and director of Clowns publisher of Humor & Music
Libretti, posters and recordings.

-Member advisorygroup Premsela Stichting voor Nederlandse vormgeving: Een toekomst voor vormgevingsarchieven (A Future for design archives, 2006).
-Member advisory board DNA

Tish 80 (design)
Conamus (record sleeve) 


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Belgium, Costa Rica, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, United States
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