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The Who's Who list is mainly imported from the Dutch Theater database.
Since the import in 2019, new members have been registered who maintain their archive and/or performance data.
The complete lists (ca. 170.000) shows people and companies related to performances, past and present.

Using the 'Last Name' field: Parts of the full name can be used to get a filtered result.

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169122 Persons. Only the first 1000 Persons are shown. (Row 1 - 50)
Profile photo or Logo First name Last name Middle name
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
Amsterdamse Balletacademie
ASKO Ensemble
Atelier 15
Ateliers 1-1-9
Balletschool Lucia Marthas
Cappella Amsterdam
Clement en Sanôu
Collectief Alter
Concerto Köln
Concerto Palatini
Concerto Palatino
Copyright unkown
De 2 Cavalli's
De 2 Damaries
De 2 Korsley's
De 2 Rickearts
De 3 Adlers
De 3 Bradfords
De 3 Kentons
De 4 Kentons
De 4 Manaloa's
De 6 Brox-accordeonisten
Don't Hit Mama
Editorial staff member
Freiburger Barockorchester
Het 3° Bedrijf
Het 5eKwartier
Het Lotus String Quartet
Het Mondriaan Kwartet
Het Nederlandse Operakoor
Het Tuva Ensemble
Holland Festival Orkest
Hotel Modern
Jongerentheater 020
Kathedrale Koorschool, Utrecht
Koor van De Nederlandse Opera
Koor van De Nederlandse Operastichting
Leerlingen van de Geert Groote School, Amsterdam
Les 4 Jeudis
Les Deux Gar?ons
169122 Persons. Only the first 1000 Persons are shown. (Row 1 - 50)