Webinar Scenografen HKU


Anna Spiliotopoulou
Merel Luke van Erpers Roijaards
Jolein Kop
Maria Watjer
Ingeborg Geenen
Eedi Lyydia Karjalainen
Tom Heintz
Serge Gruson
Wietske Flederus
Sarah Kaushik
Vivian Seffinga
Vishwesh Mistry
Jan Klatter
Floris Guntenaar
Henny Dörr



-Why archiving your own work

-Choice: what do we archive and 'where', E.G. data sets:
Unique objects such as models or sketches, photo / video, documents, library, etc.

Prepare visiting the summary on page ARCHIVE

-Start a Project or upload a new Event (special rights needed)